3M™ SJ-6553 Bumpon transparent adhesive height 3.05mm diameter 11mm View larger

3M™ SJ-6553 Bumpon transparent adhesive 132 pce/box




The element of 3M Bumpo SJ-6553 protection is a self-adhesive rubber protection that can be used as a base, and target spacing wedge. The hexagonal base and conical top form a soft target that is used for woodworking. Transparent, diameter 11mm height 3,05mm.

132 pce/box

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CHF 9.60 per 132 pce

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  • 3M™ Bumpon protection products are made of polyurethane and contain no plasticizers
  • Easy bonding with sensitive adhesive 3M pressure.
  • High anti-slip capacity.
  • Do not scratch and does not stain surfaces.
  • Reduces vibration and noise.
  • Does not crack and does not harden.


  • Usable at all locations to protect your shocks product, scratches, cuts, scratches, damage, impromptu trips, as well as to reduce vibration and noise.
  • Sticks below or small items of fixed and portable electronic devices, such as p. ex. electrical cabinets, telephones, keyboards, pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, distributors and computers.
  • Bumpers for closet doors, lids and drawers.
  • Spacers to align the photo frames for various uses in the electronics and automotive assembly or as help.
  • Protections to avoid shipping damage and the direct contact between the parts.

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